Marinete Home Renovations

Marinete Enterprise Inc., the leading construction management firm in North America, takes pride in providing stellar home renovations. Marinete’s reputable home renovation services provide an 80% customer satisfaction rate which is an immense population of gratified customers. Considering Marinete’s home renovations projects are always completed with a clean finish, expansion throughout the United States, Canada, North America, and even, worldwide is impending. Taking on interior contracts with a geographical area covering the United States, Canada, North America, as well as locations internationally, Marinete’s home renovation service will not disappoint. Marinete’s certified, knowledgeable, and professional home renovators will build quality projects whenever called. Since 1991, our home renovations facility established in Dundas (near Toronto, Ontario), has provided the right workers and tools to get the job done correctly. We can ensure that our home renovations service will continue to deliver aesthetically-pleasing and quality projects for the years to come.

For guaranteed satisfaction with home renovations projects, please contact Marinete.

Phone: (905) 515-3630


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